We are Goodiebox

A happy moments company

From Copenhagen, Denmark

We started in 2012.

Daring everything to build a company that not only was different but had a real chance of making a difference.

We started up doing many things wrong (and we still do), but we have always had a very clear idea about our role in the world.

We are a happy moments company. A happy moments company powered by beauty.

We love our members and we help our members.

We help our members experience happy moments.

We help our members put happy on the map.

Being happy is one of the most important, fundamental things in life. Being happy makes everything possible.

It makes you appreciate life; start things you didn’t normally dare do and gives you the energy to do good for others.

Happy fuels happy fuels happy.

Making happy happen

We know for multiple studies, research and thousands of conversations with our members that being happy doesn’t happen by chance. Being happy is not an automatic thing. It doesn’t fall in your lap. You need to play your own part and make it happen.

We help our members put themselves and happy on the map.

We help create happy moments for our members and are deeply devoted to making our members as happy as often and as much as possible.

One happy moment at a time.

Be Sorry, not Sorry


of all women struggle with feelings of guilt


of all women should struggle with feelings of guilt

Over the last many years we have collected thousands of true stories from our members trying to understand what is holding us back or stopping us for being truly happy.

Most of all stories including our own stories are about struggling with feelings of guilt. Feeling that we are not doing right, feeling that we are not good enough or feeling that we are just not living up to the expectation of what or how a woman should be.

We want to break free from the culture that makes women feel guilty and make women feel that they have to apologise for almost everything.

We want women to pursue happiness and understand that they have absolutely nothing too apologise for.

We are done saying sorry. Nobody should feel like they have to apologise – especially not for focusing on what makes them happy.

It’s time to stop the guilt. It is time to say goodbye to the pleaser.

It is time to feel happy.

It is time to be ‘sorry, not sorry’.

Goodiebox presents The Non-Apology

Be Sorry, not Sorry

Goodiebox is from Copenhagen, Denmark and all our boxes are designed and created in Denmark - arguably one of happiest countries on earth